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Any interference with the natural supply of sediment such as channeling of river water for irrigation, creation of reservoir, damming of rivers and deforestation along the banks of the rivers often leads to modification of the flow of rivers and the amount of sediment they carry.

The cores were taken at low tide by manually inserting the whole corer into the sediment and retrieved and corked at both ends.

The study was conducted at the south-western and south-eastern coastal zones at Pra and Volta estuaries respectively (Figure 1).

The Pra estuary is located in the Shama District of Ghana’s Western Region (Figure 1A) and formed the lower section of the Pra river system that originates from Birim and Offin sub-basin in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

The corer and its content were stacked in a vertical position in corer rack and transported to the laboratory.

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Each core was sectioned using a core slicer in the laboratory into layers of 2 cm thickness.Coastal erosion is rampant but the extent of damming is not fully investigated.