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We want educate students about consent and healthy relationships in all, and every, form.

We’ll be hosting events and teaming up with other nationwide campaigns to become part of the mass student-led movement against rape on campus.

Consent can be spoken, but it can also be expressed in action. It is not the fault of the person who is assaulted.

Reality: 97% of survivors of assault knew their attackers before the attack. Rape and sexual assault can happen to anyone no matter their age, class, culture, ability, sexuality, faith, race, or appearance.

Rape and sexual assault can occur inside marriages and committed relationships, by trusted family or close family friends, or by community or religious leaders.

There is not a stereotype for victims or perpetrators. People of all genders can choose not to commit crimes or disrespect people, not matter how strong their sexual desire it.

Read our press release about sexual consent workshops for incoming freshers here.

Consent means enthusiastic participation in sexual activity. Many times people do not feel like they can say no due to power imbalances.

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EBONY: How did going to Morehouse College and being in the Atlanta metro area shape your perspective on pop culture, more importantly music culture?CK: Morehouse and Atlanta have completely changed my perspective on life as a whole, not only just my view on music culture.At Morehouse, I matured and became a man through living life on my own and away from family.Growing up in Maryland the only celebrities we see are athletes.

Atlanta, on the other hand, is almost completely all about the music and entertainment industry.We currently live in a culture in which 44% of all UK women have experienced physical or sexual violence since they were 15, where, on average two women a week are killed by a current or former male partner, where rape is repeatedly blamed on the actions of the victim, and conviction rates are worryingly low.