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15-Dec-2017 04:49

The application can be terminated by hitting CTRL-C in the command window. j Manage out of the box requires the users to supply a password when the application starts up.

This will cause the Wrapper to shut down the application cleanly. DAEMON PROCESS: The application can be run as a detatched daemon process by executing the script using the start command./usr/app/JManage/bin/JManage start Running My Application... I have to hard code this password as one of the parameters in the file.

Ya even I wondered but this field is deployed in Share Point portal and working fine.

Update(); Hi Guys, Let me make it more clear actually, I am changing the Lookup value in source list (to which this lookup field is mapped to, Title field of a document library) and this field is added in a target list.

It doesn't show the updated value in Master Reports but when I click on the value it shows me the updated value.

All stickers except one tiny one are present and applied.

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So when I change the title of the document it should reflect the change in target list.

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