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26-Jun-2017 02:02

After separating from the famous host and reporter Keith Olbermann, Katy is rekindling a romance with her new French boyfriend named ‘Benoit’.

The couple met for the first time in London while working for NBC News.

Katy reports for all the platforms of NBC News like Early Today, WNBC-TV, MSNBC, Meet the Press, NBC Nightly News, Today and The Weather Channel.

This might be the good news for Katy Tur's male fans. Actually, Tur has successfully managed to keep all of her personal life far from the media.

Or, like Norma Desmond, will he fade, screaming, into the sunset? Nobody cared.” Tales of Olbermann’s unhinged behavior go back almost to the beginning of his career. Last year, he quit writing for Daily Kos, apoplectic that an online commenter suggested he’d criticized President Obama to improve his TV ratings.

But it begs the question: Can Keith Olbermann be saved?

Katy Tur with her ex-boyfriend Keith Olbermann Source: imgur The couple dated for around three years.

As per some sources, the couple started living together and said to be loyal to each other since their early dating life.

She first dated American TV News Keith Olbermann since June 2006.