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23-Jun-2017 02:13

To me, there is no border in the beauty of being human.

Sex is an integral and beautiful part of our humanity.

I am not shy about nudity and frequent a nude beach when the weather is nice and even used to hold “Nude as you feel comfortable” parties. The subject is still just a human being with the exact same set of emotions and feelings as every other human.

Photographing both sides of the spectrum, straight and gay, by the same photographer is very rare, is it any different for you to do the photoshoot? I believe human sexuality is far more complicated than the standard labels of “Gay”, “Bi” or “Straight”.

People are not mannequins for me to pose or bend to my will and vision.

They are complete humans and a large part of the human experience is sexual.

Here you will encounter those firecrackers in bed known as redheads.

You can chat it up with busty blond housewives looking to get in a quickie before hubby gets home from work.

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and generally how do you get them in to perform in front of your camera?

It helps me to understand what my models may be feeling about the process.

It was also an experiment to find out if I could still “see” through the camera while being in front of it.

My work, on the other hand, is about photographing real people in real relationships sharing their joy together. I would like to believe that anyone viewing my images could certainly tell for themselves the difference between them and porn.

I do understand that some people equate all sexual images with porn.What’s in your opinion the difference, when you take your own work in consideration, between pornography and erotic art?